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Dog Bites


There are no fees to be paid unless we recover money for you. This means no attorney fees and no costs of any kind. If there Is no recovery, we absorb all expenses - including attorney fees.

If you have been injured by a dog contact THE LAW OFFICES OF BARRY W. VERMEEREN for a free consultation to review your potential case.

To e-mail Mr. Vermeeren for a Free, No Obligation Response to your animal attack inquiries or questions click on the e-mail link below:


  1. If you have recently been injured by a dog bite and have not sought medical attention, you should do so immediately.

  2. Immediately report your accident to the police and request a copy of the Police Accident Report.

  3. Try to obtain the name and contact information of the dog owner.

  4. Try to get the name and contact information of any people who witnessed your accident.

  5. Try to take photographs of any visible injuries you have suffered as a result of the incident with the dog.

  6. Do not have any communication with the owner of the dog or owner's insurance company. If you accept any form of compensation, you will waive your right to claim additional damages.

  7. Try to save any clothing that may have been damaged by the dog.

  8. Please save and take photographs of any property damage caused by the dog.

  9. Contact Barry W. Vermeeren for your free no obligation consultation to preserve your legal rights.

Attorney Barry W. Vermeeren is a lawyer who is experienced and successful in obtaining compensation for dog bite victims.

At the Law Offices of Barry W. Vermeeren, we pride ourselves in our representation of persons and families in Ohio who have suffered injury from another’s negligence.




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